A Webinar Series for

Sexually Adventurous Adults

New to Swinging?  Been in "The Lifestyle" awhile but not getting "the results" you wanted?  Just curious why people do it? Then this 1 hour a week for 10 weeks webinar series is for you.  Taught by Traci aka The Dominatrix of Ditties, The Top Female Lifestyle Comedian 4 Years In A Row, you'll learn everything you need to know to dive in and enjoy this incredibly rewarding lifestyle...or at least enough to know that maybe this lifestyle isn't for you.  Traci spent the last 10 years of her life entertaining swingers at swinger events all over the world, and she learned a thing or two.  Now she shares her funny stories and insights into this sexy and unique culture with you.

What you get in this online course...

Module 1 - Introductions, History, and Terminology

Get to know your hostess, Traci aka The Dominatrix of Ditties, voted Top Female Entertainer of the Year for The Lifestyle by The Annual Lifestyle Awards.  She shares her wild story of how she became acquainted with "the lifestyle."  We'll review the framework of what you're going to learn, a brief history or swinging, and Swinger Lingo (terminology and definitions).

Module 2 - Why Swinging?  Pros and Cons

In this section, you'll learn at least 10 reasons why people are attracted to the Swinging Lifestyle.  There will also be a discussion on the Pros and Cons of Swinging, as well as what makes a great lifestyle person or a couple.

Module 3 - Know Thyself

In this module, we'll discuss what you and your swinging partner need to discuss before you jump in the sack with another couple.  We're going to discuss what it is each of you are looking for, as well as the importance of communication before, during and after your swinging experiences.

Module 4 - Slut Shopping

Where are the Swingers at?  This module will go over 5 great places to meet swingers, and the subtleties you need to know about how to meet these fun people.

Module 5 - Presenting Your Package

You get 30 seconds to make a good first impression, so let's learn how to make that first impression a great one!  Learn how to conduct yourself online and in person so you get more opportunities to turn people "on" instead of turn them "off."

Module 6 - Fuck It or Duck It and Only Da Hos Close

Any swinger will tell you how they spent hours chatting up a couple...only to find out they weren't swingers!  No more!  Learn my 5 Magic Questions and never wonder again if someone is DTF (down to fuck).  You'll also learn how to interpret their verbal (and non-verbal) answers.  Once you've determined this single/couple is for you, I teach you 3 of the sweetest ways to ask for a play date.  Watch your dance card magically fill up!

Module 7 - Black People Matters in The Lifestyle

Chocolate Rooms, The Plus One Guys, Mocha Men:  these gentlemen have played an interesting role in the lifestyle fulfilling one of the top three fantasies; interracial sex.  I'm in the process of putting together an all-star panel where you can ask your questions about black men and couples in the lifestyle, how the Black Lives Matter movement affects the lifestyle, and any other questions you may have.

Module 8 - Deflower, Shower, & Fuck Ups

You got the play date...now what?  We'll discuss play date boundaries, rules, etiquette, and manners.  It's time to put on your best behavior and make sure you're the first one asked to play again down the road.  What if things aren't going like you thought they would?  The other couple is fighting, they're into stuff you're not, someone touched you in a way you didn't like, and you want out!  We discuss ways to get out of any situation.

Module 9 - STDs, STIs, and other Acronyms You Need To Know

Of course...every discussion on sexual encounters needs a quick primer on STDs and Covid.  It's important every person investigating this lifestyle knows the risks, understands the consequences, and how to protect themselves.

Module 10 - BDSM & 50 Shades of WTF Was That?

Bondage, Discipline, and Sado-Masochism?  There's a dungeon...what the hell for?  Many swingers have found themselves not understanding what happens here, so in this module we'll go over the basic aspects of BDSM and how to conduct yourself when you're in a dungeon.

Module 11 - Reconciling Your Faith with The Lifestyle

Can you be a good person of faith and still enjoy Swinging and BDSM?  Can ethical non-monogamy and faith co-exist?  Answers to these questions and more will be answered in a historical dialogue about ethics, hosted by a pro-lifestyle, retired minister.

Lifetime Access to All Content...plus bonus links!

That's right!  You'll have access to the educational content forever via our exclusive membership site.  Enjoy links to swinger cruises, swing clubs, places to buy clothing, articles on swinging, and much more!  Any content added along the way is yours too.

About Traci


I'm Traci, and welcome to Are We Going To Fuck Or What!   This Webinar is designed to help everyone who thinking about getting into "the lifestyle" or in "the lifestyle" already avoid the embarrassing and costly mistakes I made.  There is so much to this lifestyle, and yet so few people are willing to tell you about it because they're afraid of being judged by their family, friends, and co-workers because of the negative stereotypes that go with being a nudist and a swinger.   Someone needs to set the record straight...so I've made this my job!  For the last 10 years I've been entertaining while educating nudists, swingers, and BDSMers about the funny that IS this amazing lifestyle.  I've been paid to travel all over the world to perform...and I've used my time to watch and learn everything I could.  What a lot of people don't know, is that I was a self-employed sales professional for 20 years, and now a Certified Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist that specializes in helping swingers, nudists, and BDSMers get past their blocks so they can fully enjoy this rewarding lifetyle.  I've been collecting my tips for the past 3 years, and now I'm presenting everything I know about this lifestyle in 10 - one hour Webinars over 10 weeks.  You'll learn everything you need to know to approach this lifestyle in a respectful way, so you can avoid the duds and find the studs...while saving yourself hours of time and thousands of dollars in travel expenses and drinks.   No more couples that don't look like their pictures.  No more chatting couples that aren't ready to play.  No more endless emails.  No more cock blocks...get ready to ROCK!


Comedy & Hypnosis

What People Say...


Craig in Lutz, FL

Traci is AMAZING!! Our paths had crossed a couple of times and her energy intrigued me. I was in a situation that triggered extreme negative memories and reactions dating back to high school (a LONG time and 2 lengthy marriages ago) so I thought of her and hoped that Hypnosis would help……did it ever!! Traci helped me overcome most of my barriers in one session and has helped me and my marriage in ways that can only be imagined.

Kirsten & Tom in Bradenton, FL

We have known Traci for many years. My wife and I are both professionals and, when we started to inquire about the “Lifestyle”, we knew absolutely nothing about it. Equally, discretion was both a concern and a must for us because we are a high profile couple in our community. I read Traci’s profile, texted her, and asked if my wife and I could get some beginner-advice. Traci immediately said yes and invited us to dinner, over which we asked many questions and were provided with sound advice as to navigating into the Lifestyle. Over the years, we continually have bounced things off-of Traci and she has always given us timely and sage advice.

Angela in

St Petersburg, FL

Traci is absolutely magical. She allowed me to voice personal issues which I have not been able to share with others. She helped me see that some of the roles I have been made to play are not necessarily in my nature. Instead of running away from those roles, she has helped me to better handle the difficulties which come with them. Since the "Come Alive and Thrive" total trance-formation session I have been regularly using the tools she gave me and have been stronger than ever when in the business mode. In other modes, I am finding ways to release which brings much more relief and reduced tension. I feel myself, my true me, being restored. Most days and some nights I go through the trance session in my head and continue to clear out more troubles.

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Frequently asked questions

Will this series of webinars be recorded?

Yes. This series of webinars will be recorded, and you'll have access to these recordings as part of your membership.

Since you're filming these, will my identity be compromised?

No. One of the basic rules of Swinging is never "out" anybody. In order to protect your identity, I've opted to use WebinarJam instead of Zoom. The only thing you'll ever see on the recordings is my presentation and my face!

Will I be able to ask questions and interact with the hostess?

Yes! With WebinarJam you can send me questions and I'll answer them as each of these sessions will be live.

What if I can't attend all 10 webinars?

No problem! Each of them will be recorded, and you'll be given access to it via your membership portal.

Who will benefit most from taking this webinar?

This course is for HAPPY and WELL-ADJUSTED sexually adventurous singles and couples who are looking to have sexy, NSA fun with others. The material in these presentations is for entertainment purposes only. If you are unhappy in your current relationship and/or are suffering from any kind of mental distress, know that Swinging and BDSM activities can come with high emotional consequences. Your hostess and edutainer is NOT qualified or licensed to perform mental health or counseling services.